Take Complete Control of Your Network Marketing Money

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Create Financial Freedom from Your MLM, and Finally Invest in The Lifestyle You’ve Been Dreaming About As a #Boss

"The Revenue Shift gave me the money management skills I desperately needed to take my MLM business from $3K months to over $30K months consistently. It paid for itself 100X over! Do yourself a favor and enroll today.”

Take Complete Control of Your Network Marketing Money

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Create Financial Freedom from Your MLM, and Finally Invest in The Lifestyle You’ve Been Dreaming About As a #Boss

You Got Into Network Marketing for Freedom and Flexibility, But Your Finances are Out of Control!

Despite a growing team and commissions, you constantly struggle to get ahead. Your income flows in and right back out without you ever getting ahead. You lack basic budgeting skills and can't seem to keep personal and business expenses separate. Your finances stress you out.

Playing Catch Up Each Month Means:

  • Constantly living paycheck to barely getting by despite a successful team

  • Overusing dangerous debt products when unexpected expenses come up

  • Never fully investing into your why - the causes and community dreams that motivate you

  • Missing out on irreplaceable time enjoying life with family and friends

  • Tossing and turning each night as money worries keep you up

  • Sacrificing peace of mind in exchange for income

Continuing like this is not sustainable if you want to grow. You refuse to let your personal finances sabotage the network marketing future you're committed to building.

What If You Could Take Charge of Your Money - Once and For All?

With my proven Revenue Shift system, you CAN take control of your network marketing finances - without needing to make more income.

Using the budgeting, tax, and money mindset basics every #boss needs, I will empower you to fully fund the life you pictured when embarking on this journey.


The Revenue Shift: Transforming Your Network Marketing Income

After a decade building my network marketing business, I was bringing in over $20K a month and still felt broke. But what I discovered is I didn't need to make more money - I needed financial literacy to better manage the money I already had. I created The Revenue Shift to share these money management principles with you too.

Here’s what’s inside

Module 1:

Mind Your Own Money

  • Understanding Your Money Story

  • Addressing Mindset and Abundance

  • Pain vs. Pleasure Principle

  • Money Goals + Financial Vision Casting

Module 2:

Manage Your Money

Like a Boss

  • Two Accounts to Set Up TODAY

  • TPG Money Split System

  • Your Business Budget

  • And more...

Module 3:

Get Your Money Making Money

  • The Power of your NWM Income over Time

  • Retirement for Entrepreneurs

  • The Rule of 72

  • The Impact of Taxes on Wealth

Transforming Your Network Marketing Income


  • Over 16 Lessons (valued at $1,997)

  • Monthly Business Budget Worksheet (valued at $47)

  • Cash Flow Worksheet (valued at $27)

  • Business Tracker (valued at $27)

  • Access to our exclusive community (valued at $297)

Total Value - $2,395

Get It For Today

Only $47!

Who this is perfect for

The Revenue Shift program is perfect for network marketers who:

  • Are fed up with the out-of-control financial rollercoaster. You're making good money some months, then the next month struggle just to keep the lights on. The constant ups and downs are an endless source of stress.

  • Have found success with team building, but now money management feels like your biggest blindspot holding back even bigger growth and life enjoyment. You want to learn money basics without judgment.

  • Secretly use credit cards or financing to sustain the Instagram #boss illusion for their team. You actually can’t afford the luxury trips and outfits you portray. This false mask started as motivational but has become overwhelming.

  • Want to pay off lingering debts from their former life while also saving up for the future trip or house down payment they daydream about. You need a plan to tackle both short-term and long-term money goals simultaneously.

If ANY of this sounds familiar, The Revenue Shift was absolutely made for you! I will guide you through taking control of your network marketing finances so you can fund the life you really want - instead of the show you feel pressure to put on.

Hey there!

I'm Wendy.

The spirited force behind The Revenue Shift. Over the past decade, I've ventured deep into the entrepreneurial realm, steering network marketing teams to over $12M in online sales. My journey even caught the attention of Yahoo Finance, but there's more to me than numbers.

Here's a peek behind the scenes: I'm not just an entrepreneur; I'm a mom of seven, balancing the vibrant chaos of family life with the exciting challenges of building businesses.

But let's dive deeper – I've recruited over 200 individuals personally into the online business world. My superpower? Authenticity. It's the driving force behind everything I do, and it's what sets me apart in this space.

Now, as I pivot into a new venture, I'm building a financial agency with The Turning Point Group, rallying over 20 agents to join me on this exciting journey. The Revenue Shift isn't just a course; it's a movement, a shift in perspective on what we do with the money we earn.

And here's a piece of my core – I put my full faith and trust in Jesus. It's the anchor that grounds me, guiding every decision and fueling my passion for helping others navigate the intersection of faith, finances, and freedom.

With The Revenue Shift, I'm not just your coach; I'm your partner in this financial adventure. Ready to embrace a life where making money isn't just a goal – it's a means to create the life you've always dreamed of? Let's embark on this journey together.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with The Revenue Shift, we offer a 30 day Action Based money back guarantee. Which means, if you do the work, and it doesn't work for you, we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.